Here you can make a personal order of a handmade Vedic ring with a natural unheated gemstone (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond, Tourmaline) in 14k gold or 925 silver

Special order

Personal order

Every second client contacts us to place a personal order

This happens when a client likes the design of the ring but would like to wear it with a different gems, perhaps a higher quality, a different size, color or cut

Choose your gemstone and ring design

the choice you can build from both the priority design of the ring, and from the stone that you prefer
You can choose the design you like, and specify the ring size

also indicate the gem you want (ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc.), cut shape, weight, color and clarity of the stone (if there are such preferences)
– All designs have their own number and name, for easier orientation, some designs are universal, that is, they can be made with an oval, cushion or emerald cut stone, some are exclusively for a certain size and shape of the gemstone cut

You need to decide either on the gemstone, then choose a possible ring design, or choose your favorite design, and we will offer the best options for stones in shape and size

You can choose a stone from the catalog

Or just specify its size and properties

We have a huge selection of fine natural unheated gemstones of the highest quality, and the collection is constantly updated

We do not publish many stones on our website, but we can select it from the characteristics you described, if we do not have such a stone, we will order it from our dealers especially for you
If you know exactly what you need and are ready to place an order - fill out a short order form!
Answer 7 questions on the main characteristics of a personal order!
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What ring design do you prefer?
You can choose from multiple design options
What metal do you prefer for the ring?
What gemstone do you want to use in the ring?
Choose a gem from the options
What stone cut do you prefer?
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What quality stone do you want (Clarity)?
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Preferred gemstone weight or size?

The choice of a precious stone is a very responsible step, natural stones are alive, they are millions of years old, and have a special vibration, which is attributed to magical properties!

These subtle vibrations can change a person's character and life in a couple of weeks!

– if you are not sure which gemstone is suit for you?
- Our Vedic astrologer can make a recommendation for you on choosing a gemstone by determining the most auspicious and influential planet in your natal chart.

Jyotish consultation

To draw up your natal chart (star map) you need to know:
date, place and exact time of birth!

An application for the calculation of the card can only be made by the customer himself, or with consent
All information provided is for guidance only!

The natal chart is the location of the planets at the time of birth

According to the ancient Vedic tradition, the natal chart is made for a donation

If you want to order a natal chart and an astrologer's recommendation - fill out the form!
– after drawing up a natal chart, the results will be sent to your email!
If you have any questions, ask them in a reply letter, indicating any method of communication

– Our Vedic astrologer will make a recommendation for you on choosing a stone, determining the most suitable of the planets
The astrologer will indicate several possible options for auspicious planets and their gems.
Describe exactly how these planets affect you, and what areas of life they affect.