Vedic jewelry - is not just a spectacular decoration that can highlight your style and status, it is a powerful source of energy that can help reveal your talents, to balance health and to give the necessary power to reach the goal
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Jewelry Care Tips
and precious gemstones

Gemstones are hard yet brittle, an alternative life form with a subtle vibrational impact.
Temperature changes
Remove the ring when there are large temperature fluctuations, such as when relaxing in a sauna
Physical Damage
Not recommended to be worn during physical and sports activities
Chemical exposure
Remove the ring when working with household chemicals and paints and varnishes!
Gems Energy cleansing
All stones are alive and accumulate energy, it is recommended to wash the stone 2 times a month for 15 minutes in clean running water
Jewelry cleaning
From the inside of the ring, the stones touch the finger, and dust and dirt often accumulate there, this can be easily removed by brushing with a toothbrush and hand soap. Attention, the ring becomes slippery, be careful!
Change of ring size
If you need to change your ring size, please contact us if possible


We guarantee: the quality of jewelry work,
authenticity of natural gemstones,
compliance with the materials specified in the description!
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We take full responsibility for the quality and accuracy of our work,
for the authenticity of natural gemstones, and the quality of the materials used,
their full compliance with that specified in the product description
Each piece of jewelry is unique, thanks to the uniqueness of precious stones, each work with a stone is done by hand with maximum precision and accuracy. We guarantee the highest quality of our work, if you are not satisfied with the quality, we will refund your funds.

When returning, you need to send the jewelry to the return address indicated on the package, by any postal service convenient for you.
All costs for returning the product are borne by the buyer. Funds are returned only upon receipt of the jewelry at the company's office.