Vedic rings are not just a spectacular way to emphasize your style and status, they are also a powerful source of energy that can help reveal your talents, balance your health, and give strength to achieve your main life goal

Our story

The concept of combining Vedic traditions and unique handmade jewelry with natural gemstones

The history of the jewelry brand BAUROOM

How it all began:

Hello, my name is Pavel Borisenok.
I will tell you a story that began in 2015.
I closed all the cases at home, and with my girlfriend went on another long trip to India, this time with a conscious goal, as in a novel - "to understand myself and my goals."

In the small, hung-up town of Pushkar, in Rajasthan, we became interested in semi-precious stones, began to study their properties and effects on humans. It was a new world for us, and we wanted to learn how to do something with our own hands, since India is a country of handmade. There was enough time, we planned to spend there for about a year.
By an incredible coincidence, having missed the train to the Himalayas, we ended up in Jaipur, the jewelry capital of India.
I was sure that my girlfriend really wanted to work with stones, and she was sure that this was my desire. So, thanks to this misunderstanding, and an annoying rickshaw who promised to show all the best jewelry stores in the city "free of charge", we acquired beautiful inexpensive stones, and a bunch of jewelry tools.
Absolutely not understanding why we need this, and what to do with it, we set off on a further journey. The Himalayas are awaited us!

Meeting with a master: HIMALAYAS

The first stop in the Himalayas was McLeod Ganj, where the residence of the Dalai Lama is located.

Arriving late in the evening, it turned out that there was no place to spend the night, on the occasion of the Dalai Lama's birthday, the city was crowded with monks from all over the world, and we spent the night on the roof of a Buddhist temple.
In the morning, with the monks, we went to the Lama's feast.

In the afternoon, after a solemn reception, realizing that there is nowhere to stay, and you will have to leave. when we arrived at the station, a local grandfather offered us a beautiful room in the neighboring craftsmen village of Baksu.
There we were very surprised by the many different schools of crafts from all over the world, and decided to use the tools we bought, and having laughed at the misunderstanding, we decided together to learn jewelry and work with silver.

We searched for jewelry courses in Baksu for a long time, going around all 4 schools, only one teacher agreed to take us, he turned out to be one of the most famous Rajasthani jewelers, who was the teacher of all those teachers who, under various pretexts, refused to work with us.

As a study assignment, I decided to make an emerald ring for myself... at the time it seemed like something unbelievable.
when we made our first rings, the master really liked these works, in design it was not at all like what the Indians did, and he offered to work in his workshop as much as we wanted, without paying tuition, and his sons, jewelers, would help us in everything, and look at how we work.
When we finished our second rings, he called all of Baksu's jewelers to show our work, he proudly showed our jewelry to everyone, and repeating " it's diamond design"))

Meeting with the teacher:
Kali Shankar JYOTISH

Two weeks later, I felt that something had changed in my behavior, we read a lot about the magical properties of precious stones, and I realized that it was the emerald that began to influence me ...

I really liked these changes, I felt how strongly and positively the stone began to influence me.
Feeling the power of the stone, and realizing that rubies, sapphires and diamonds have a completely different effect, I wanted to learn how to understand these energies and consciously select precious stones.
I liked my changes, but something told me that if these forces can help so much, then I can certainly destroy a person’s life, I wanted to at least somehow understand the properties of these energies.

With these thoughts, we left Dharamsala and went to Vasisht (a small village with hot springs, which is already several thousand years old). Upon arrival, having not yet found an apartment, we met new friends. The guys reported that today at the local yoga center, the famous Vedic astrologer Kali Shankar began his two-month course in Vedic astrology, a course that changed our lives. The first lecture was called "Gemstones and planets")).

The birth of a new form

Having understood the basics of ancient jewelry craftsmanship, Vedic traditions, the rules for the interaction of the energies of stone, metal and man, combining all this knowledge with the basics of the classical Bauhaus design school, I came to my unique style.

A style where the form is completely subordinate to the content, that is, the stone, its size, structure and cut. In each work, I try to emphasize the uniqueness of each individual crystal, since I purchase each stone separately, choosing according to its unique characteristics: color, size, cut, inner beauty and indescribable magnetism.
Each work is unique, as it is very difficult to find even two identical uncut gemstones.
During a long time of working by hand, I realized that only the combination of the latest technology, with the finest possibilities of manual work, which cannot be obtained industrially. Only by combining technologies is it possible to ensure the necessary perfect quality of form, which I always strive for. At the same time, to preserve the foundations of the Vedic tradition, and the maximum interaction of stone and man.
I also realized that this minimalistic design cannot be invented in a virtual environment, it can only be created by hand, and only then recreated in a three-dimensional model, since this form is born like a sculpture from a stone, when the sculptor simply cuts off everything superfluous.

Thus was born a new technique of execution, a combination of the most modern technologies and the finest manual labor, emphasizing the unique geometry of each gem. Technology that you will not find anywhere else, and even exactly repeating which, in one copy, will be technologically more difficult than acquiring the original.

Practice: Jyotish

Vedic astrology and reading of natal charts has become a daily practice, I study the Vedas on my own, collaborating with the most famous practicing astrologers and teachers around the world.
Now I treat precious stones not just as a spectacular decoration that can emphasize your style and status, but as a powerful means of correcting and influencing the fate and character of a person, I always recommend that you first check the favorable planets in the natal chart before choosing jewelry.
If you are unsure which planets are favorable for you, you can safely ask this question to me, you can also order a detailed reading of the map, with a description of all the main planets, as well as a description of all the pest planets, and it is strictly forbidden to wear their stones .