Characteristics of the energies of the planets and the properties of their gems, based on Vedic astrology

description of the energies of the planets, and their influence on the character of a person according to their location in the natal chart

Stones & Planets

The Sun, the Vedic name is Surya
Gemstone - Ruby

Sun (Surya)
Surya from Sanskrit translates as motivating, inspiring, encouraging, transforming. It represents in beings the cosmic will for growth, evolution and development of consciousness, the embodiment of will, vitality and strength, creativity and uniqueness. Consistent with its position in the solar system, our luminary is a symbol of balance and the highest ideal, the giver of spirit energy.The Sun as the main indicator governing personal confidence, authority, power and position. It governs the spirit and hence is called atmakaraka or the index of spirit. Sun is the king of planets, it gives warmth and light (visible) to all.
Thus, its position in the horoscope allows us to see how powerful, influential this person is, and how noble and self-aware he can be. It gives a person the power of independence, helps him to realize his own value, to perceive himself as light. In Vedic astrology, the Sun is the most important factor in characterizing the spiritual life. It symbolizes the spirit, the causal body, also the Sun represents the mind or intellect at the lowest level - that is, the intellect. It is associated with such qualities as discernment, clarity of mind and enlightenment

The Sun is the central object of our Microcosmos, and its elaboration is one of the main tasks. When we get to this level, true meaning and authentic purpose emerge in life. We actually discover what we are meant to accomplish.

A harmonious Sun gives inner stability and spiritual independence, good vitality, inner dignity and independence, honesty, integrity, creative power and diverse talents.

A disharmonious Sun gives a strong need to be special that a person goes out of his way to appear special. This is vanity, a tendency to tinsel and pomp, to external effects, to self-assertion at the expense of others.

With a strong Sun, a person outshines everyone around him, and whether this is good or bad depends on how much it is located in the horoscope. The Sun inclines a person to withdraw from everyday activities and concentrates his attention on the exceptional, the highest and the best. It may not bring abundance, but it will certainly take care of the highest quality. It gives power, fame and glory, but it is not always accompanied by wealth and emotional fulfillment. People with a strong Sun tend to be in leadership positions, government jobs; professions related to medicine and medical supplies, metals, gold. And have such qualities as nobility, generosity, generosity, greatness, power, dignity, high creative potential, tendency to self-sacrifice.

Unprocessed Sun is manifested as lack of one's own opinion, one's own life position. This is a serious problem for many modern people, who borrow other people's beliefs and attitudes. And live based on the authoritative opinion of respected people

Ruby is the gemstone of the Sun (Surya)

In Vedic astrology Ruby is the material conductor of the Sun's energy, the force that represents our personality as ego, the force that is looked up to and expected to be looked down upon.
Sun, Ruby
The gemstone ruby corresponds to the energy of the Sun. For its rich color it was considered the blood of the Dragon, which has magical and healing properties, but it also symbolizes love. It is credited with being a talisman that helps in love affairs - bringing loved ones closer together and enhancing sexual energy.

Another meaning of ruby is power, so rulers of different countries liked to wear jewelry with rubies as a symbol of power, strength, domination and as a talisman that strengthens the power of its owner.
For centuries, this gemstone has been considered a source of energy. It strengthens the will to win, gives independence, intuition and increases strength of character. helps to get in touch with the soul and the higher self. Ruby is the gemstone of kings. It is said to give fame, glory, recognition, favor from the state and government institutions, high position in society. Ruby boosts self-esteem, promotes leadership qualities, helps one work in a team, helps one gain self-confidence, promotes self-expression, and disciplines. It helps a person to move up the social ladder, endowing a strong will and character necessary to achieve high goals.

This stone protects life, promotes longevity, brings prosperity. It enhances concentration, gives strength to the mind and strengthens the heart. improves digestion and circulation. It increases Pitta, decreases Kapha and Vata. It is hot in energy and consists of the elements of fire, air and ether.

The ruby is worn in a gold setting on the ring finger of the right hand

Semiprecious substitutes for Ruby: Garnet (Almandine, Rhodolite), Red Spinel, Red Tourmaline (Rubilite).
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Moon, the Vedic name is Chandra
Gemstone - Pearl

Moon (Chandra)
The Moon is one of the luminaries, it is the embodiment of inner light, and is responsible for mental stability, harmony of personality, happiness and general well-being of a person, it is also responsible for mutual understanding in the family, home comfort, strength of family ties. The Moon is a signifier of self-change, it is responsible for the individual manner of inner growth and self-improvement. The Moon is also responsible for all habits, that is, for such behavior that has become automatic, unconscious, that is, by the number of bad habits of a person can easily recognize the state of the Moon and inner harmony.
A person with a strong and harmonious Moon shows in his behavior calmness, contentment, compassion and mercy, delicacy, pliability and conscientiousness in the performance of duties. He has soft speech and malleable character, he shows love for relatives, children, nature, inclination to beauty and harmony, very attentive to friends. In life, such a person has a good memory, scholarly, well-read, erudite, affable behavior, the ability to bring peace and tranquility to the environment. He always has a respectful and caring attitude to others, and create a comfortable harmonious state within the team. They often work in socially important positions, in social spheres, volunteer or charitable organizations.

Working through the Moon is associated with working through the first chakra - Muladhara, for this it is necessary that a person should be at least a little "awakened" in the sense that the mystics put in this concept. Yoga and the teachings of Vedanta believe that one of the tasks of man is to awaken from the passive state of Tamas, which leads to ignorance and submission to fate. The very first aphorism of Yog Patanjali: one must stop the continuous oscillation of the emotional mind, like diverging circles on water. The moon should reflect the external, but it should not continuously repeat its own reflections.

The typical state of an unprocessed Moon is not only compulsive habits that prove to be stronger than us, it is generally any emotional states that control us even when they are meaningless. A good metaphor is a mirrored room in which only ourselves are reflected. Such a person is deaf to the World and to people because of continuous self-reflection. Poorly worked Moon gives instability of attention, uncoordinated and lazy, dislike of discipline, capriciousness, resentfulness, in severe cases - hysterical, non-self. In natal charts sometimes there is a position of "lonely Moon", it is when there is no planet in its neighboring "houses". Such a position may indicate the probability of a sudden strong mental disorder, for example schizophrenia, it happens in the period or subperiod of the Moon, and they are repeated approximately once every 5-7 years, depending on the map of the person. From here we can understand how much the Moon affects our peace of mind, the ability to enjoy life, and to create a beautiful atmosphere around us.

The Moon is associated with the feminine, and therefore the character of this planet is strongly expressed in the body and behavior of women and to a lesser extent - men. Moon gives women beauty of character, ability to bring family happiness.

Pearls are the gemstone of the moon

Pearls are the only stone recommended for a woman to wear,
even if her Moon is badly damaged or "in decline",
with stones of other damaged planets it is strictly not recommended!
Moon, White Pearl
The gemstone ruby corresponds to the energy of the Sun. For its rich color it was considered the blood of the Dragon, which has magical and healing properties, but it also symbolizes love. It is credited with being a talisman that helps in love affairs - bringing loved ones closer together and enhancing sexual energy. Another meaning of ruby is power, so rulers of different countries liked to wear jewelry with rubies as a symbol of power, strength, domination and as a talisman that strengthens the power of its owner.
Pearls give happiness, loyalty and good health to the wearer. It also gives emotional stability, friendliness, and contentment. This stone calms the mind, gives strength to fight anger, and provides inner peace and happiness. If worn by women, it gives luster to the face and normalizes the menstrual cycle. People who wear pearls are granted wealth, inheritance, fame and notoriety.

Pearls bring calmness and contentment to the mind and emotions, and are good for creative expression, especially for poetry and music. In particular, it plays a calming and supportive role for the female psyche and is suitable for counteracting horoscope factors that hit the emotions, including fear, anger and hatred. Pearls help to develop a sense of heartfelt devotion and contemplative awareness, including the sublime virtues of mercy, friendliness, equanimity and peacefulness, making us receptive to higher influences, and finding a spiritual guide.

Pearls have calming and cooling properties. It promotes healing, a faster healing process, normalizes acidity in the body, relieves irritability and anxiety, and halts the rapid development of cancer. Pearls help to balance body fluids, female reproductive system, improve metabolism in the body, restore hormonal functions, functionality of the pancreas, liver and kidneys. Wearing stones associated with the Moon is also used to treat memory impairment, increased fatigue, which normalize mental tone and blood pressure, bring peace, tranquility and rest.

To harmonize the Moon, pearls are usually worn in a silver ring on the ring finger of the left hand, or a large perfectly straight white pearl in a pendant. Also a wonderful solution is a classic pearl necklace or bracelet (pearl thread), pearls should be white and maximally smooth round shape

Pearls are worn in a silver ring on the ring finger or little finger

You can order jewelry with Pearls,
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Mars, the Vedic name is Mangal
Gemstone - Red Coral

Mars (Mangal)
Mars is the great planet of energies, the planet of strength, power, courage and aggression, which determines our ability to take active purposeful action in life. According to Jyotish, a strong and auspiciously placed Mars gives energy, independence, will and self-confidence necessary to carry out plans and follow the path of realisation of dharma proper.

These qualities are akin to the Sun. Without the energy of Mars, we would be devoid of all passion and emotional impulses, we would have neither the determination nor the ability to follow through.
Mars is the planet of purposeful action. Our actions depend on what our higher purpose and values in life are. The energy of Mars is necessary for a creative life, but it must be subject to spiritual principles and the influence of the spiritual planets. At a higher level, Mars opens people to spiritual knowledge and energy, and bestows self-discipline and temperance. Strong and spiritually orientated Mars helps in mastering yogic exercises, performing rituals, and methods of controlling occult and spiritual energies. Mars-type people in all areas of life tend to choose the most difficult, daring and spectacular ways to achieve their goals.

On the other hand, Mars' aggressiveness breeds rivalry, discord and conflict, encouraging us to put our personal will and power above the good of others. Mars has always been considered the God of War, and can easily make a person aggressive and violent, turning him not only into a fierce defender, but also into a cold-blooded warrior or even a criminal. Mars gives rise to misunderstandings, disagreements and litigation. In this respect, he symbolises a selfish will that does not take into account the views and needs of others. In natal charts, it is the main signifier of injuries, accidents and conflicts.

Mars is also about our self-expression. If we do not know how to stand up for our interests, or are afraid to do so, then Mars is not working effectively in our chart. The same can be said of a person who lives in a feverish activity, always busy and overloaded. In most people, Mars operates on a spontaneous level, according to need and desire in the here and now. This behaviour leads to problems, competition, or serious conflicts. It is no coincidence that in traditional Vedic astrology, Mars is a "pest planet", its influence is spontaneous, without reference to common sense. If we work with the energy of Mars, it is subordinated to the worked out energies of the Sun and Mercury, our activity becomes conscious and balanced.

A person with strong and well-placed Mars shows firmness and strength of character, dignity and nobility in behaviour, perseverance in achieving goals, and good organisational skills. A person "grounded", and gets the ability to practical execution of various ideas, quick meaningful decision-making, in his behaviour shows fearlessness, endurance and stamina, for the successful completion of cases started on his own initiative. He is capable of courage and heroism in difficult life situations, confidence in his strength, the ability to defeat himself and circumstances.

The second theme of Mars is the theme of victory in competition. Therefore, a great way to correct Mars in oneself is through sports. We are talking about types of games or training that will require physical activity. Conscious willpower, through physical activity, will either curb Mars, and direct it in a productive direction (if Mars is strong), or force us to gain experience that is weak and insufficient from birth (if Mars is in decline). Sex, as a form of physical activity, is also directly related to the working out of Mars. An open attitude towards sex is also a sign that Mars is active and strong enough. Excessive preoccupation with this subject is a sign of a disharmonious Mars.

Disharmonious Mars gives aggression, boorishness, impudence, anger, which leads to collision with the same qualities in other people. It is characterised by intemperance, self-centredness, quick irritability, and a constant attempt to elevate oneself by humiliating and insulting other people

Red Coral is the gemstone of Mars (Mangal).

You can wear Red Coral if Mars is very favourably placed in your natal chart, as the planet is a "Pest" planet
Mars, Red Coral
Bright Red Coral is a conductor of Mars energy. It is believed that Coral gets rid of the negative influence of this planet, as it is one of the main pests in the natal chart.

The positive influence of Mars on a person is an impetus to action, it develops self-confidence, increases overall energy and calms emotions, helps to restrain anger, hatred and jealousy. It endows a person with an unyielding will, stimulates courage, gives energy and the ability to win.
Red coral strengthens our fighting spirit, sense of justice, gives us determination in actions and responsibility for our actions. The stone calms emotions, helps to plan first and then act, creates motivation and focus on the result, so that we can bring the matter to an end.

Wearing Coral helps to remove obstacles in marriage and also to overcome family problems and quarrels. Red Coral is useful in energy and yogic practices. It gives vitality to follow the spiritual path, develops self-discipline and the capacity for self-inquiry needed to deepen one's spiritual intentions. It enhances courage and improves performance, gives strength to the voice and determination to one's character, the ability to withstand the trials of fate.

Red Coral is a good aphroditic, especially for men, it harmonises sexual energy, makes a person calm and balanced in relation to a partner. The stone promotes the growth of tissues and muscles, strengthens the immune system, and leads to a balanced weight, fills the power of the liver, improves the work of the bronchi, kidneys, genitals, in men eliminates impotence, and in women infertility and painful periods. The stone protects the owner from traumas, injuries and accidents.

Red Coral is worn from 2 carats, in white gold or silver, on the ring finger or index finger, rarely on the thumb. The stone should touch the finger. Put on the stone at dawn on Tuesday, on the growing moon.

If you feel bad, aggravate chronic diseases, or migraines, weakness or dizziness - immediately remove the jewellery. Red Coral jewellery is kept separately from other jewellery. To strengthen the energy of the stone, it is recommended to periodically dip it overnight in salt water.

Red Coral is worn in white gold or silver, on the ring finger or index finger

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Mercury, the Vedic name is Budha
Gemstone - Emerald

Меркурий (Будха)
Worked Mercury is the highest level of mind, it is intellect, or Manas in Indian philosophy. The ability to express one's thoughts coherently, logically and clearly. The consequence of successful working through Mercury is the ability to understand, and "read" the actions of other people. This also includes the ability to learn, which comes with Mercury working out.
A person with strong and well-placed Mercury shows in his behaviour mastery, quick refined mind (wit), imagination, good memory, clear speech and cleverness. Constantly inventive, has restless, humorous character, ability to assimilate material, quick mastery of foreign languages, high efficiency, analytical abilities. In life such a person possesses enterprise, the ability to engage in management, delicacy in behaviour, prudence, cheerfulness, versatile development, rationalism. Mercury is responsible for logical thinking, sociability, erudition and skill level of a person. He equally influences the male and female sex.

Harmonious Mercury gives curiosity, but purposeful and resourceful. Mercury is responsible for a person's external communications, his intellect, speech, coordination and movement, linguistic flair, ability to change masks and adapt, as well as internal communications: features of the physique, speed and peculiarities of the body's metabolic processes.

Mastering the Mercury energy is often a more difficult task than mastering the Sun. The principle of Mercury is the principle of complete transparency, conductivity. Successful realisation is possible when a person has found his solar integrity, when he has learned to separate himself from his thoughts, views, beliefs. Only then can Mercury be truly realised. This is a difficult task. People who live "as they have to" never even think about the fact that their ideas and views on life often do not belong to them. But they are perceived as their own. They are perceived as our essence, getting in the way of our true self (typical of burned Mercury).

A person with a strong and harmonious Mercury is able to learn equally well anything, any field of knowledge and skills. His inclinations and likes will not prevent him from mastering what he deems necessary for himself. Harmonious Mercury gives curiosity, but purposeful, selective. This and tenacious memory, dexterity of mind and body, judiciousness and impassivity in making intellectual decisions.

Disharmonious Mercury appears in intellectual indecision, when it is necessary to choose between almost equivalent "for" and "against". Such a person tends to solve problems by force or chance, but not by common sense. A love of idle rumours and gossip, irrepressible curiosity, a habit of lying (or stealing), and talkativeness are also signs that Mercury needs qualitative correction. This problem also shows up in arguments. What does the average person do when criticised? Defence! But our thoughts are just a tool of self-expression, nothing more. The ability to "disassociate" ourselves with our own mentality is Mercury working through. This becomes possible when our Sun in life becomes the real centre of decision-making, the source of light and self-awareness. Then it becomes obvious that our mind is only a tool used by our Spirit, and if beliefs are false, a person with Mercury worked out will replace them with more effective ones. Such a person values common sense and logic, he values the truth, not the feeling of being right. This is the main difference from people whose Mercury is weak or disharmonious

Emerald is this powerful gemstone of Mercury (Budha)

In Vedic astrology, emerald is a material conductor of Mercury's energy, representing intelligence, flexibility of mind, the ability to find common ground, the ability to negotiate, to explain one's thoughts clearly, to hear others, and to be heard
Mercury, Emerald
The meanings of emerald are wisdom, hope, equanimity and discernment. It gives lightness of heart, cheerfulness, harmony of mind and body, teaches tact and generosity, gives self-esteem. The stone brings prosperity and spiritual awakening to the owner. Emerald is good as a talisman for people engaged in research of various kinds. Wearing emeralds sharpens the mind, strengthens memory, brings peace and takes away bad dreams, getting rid of homesickness and melancholy, mental worries. Emerald helps to concentrate on the main idea and gives the ability to foresee.
It is a spiritual stone - helping people to do good, it in every possible way prevents the commission of evil, lies, violation of klyata and betrayal. It enhances a person's ability to communicate more vividly and enthusiastically, accelerates logical thinking, gives flexibility of mind and mental acuity, improves intuition and sociability. The owner of the stone is not only easy to convey his idea, but begins to better hear and understand the partner. this stone is very favourable to those who are engaged in business, as well as it protects in the conclusion of trade deals, financial transactions.

Emerald promotes balance of mind and emotions, improves speech, develops inner curiosity for details, promotes expression and ease of communication, greatly helping in the learning process. The stone enhances perceptual acuity, imparts speed and flexibility to the mental process, agility and insight. It calms the nervous system and breathing, helps to balance the endocrine and immune system, improves eyesight, general stamina of a person, thanks to the lightness and optimistic attitude to everyday affairs. The stone prolongs the life of its owners, protecting them from a dull and bitter fate.

An emerald is worn in a gold or silver setting on the little finger

Semiprecious substitutes for Emerald are: Beryl, Peridot, Jade, Green Tourmaline (Verdelite)
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Jupiter, the Vedic name is Guru
Gemstone – Yellow Sapphire

Jupiter (Guru)
In Jyotish, Jupiter is considered to be the most auspicious planet. By its position in a person's horoscope one can judge about his pious karma, thanks to which a person can easily cope with the most difficult life situations. It is also believed that a strong Jupiter in the horoscope of a person speaks of his close relationship with a spiritual teacher, a person can become a guru, and spread spiritual knowledge.

Jupiter is responsible for a person's mind, offering to rely on true values, his faith and purity of consciousness, enthusiasm, determination in achieving the goal. It affects both the male and female sex equally.
Guru gives a person the ability and inner confidence to achieve the main goal, to overcome the difficulties of fate, to strive for practical application of knowledge, gives the opportunity to burn bad karma with the help of knowledge. If Mercury is thoughts and intellect, Jupiter is a deeper level, it is beliefs and convictions. Jupiter is directly related to what we believe in, however, whereas Sun and Mars are based only on one's abilities and talents, Jupiter is based on something more than one's own abilities. The basis for self-assertion and self-realisation can be the authority of a person or the prestige of a profession, the authority of our religious and worldview attitudes, the authority of our education and belonging to a certain social group. Jupiter in general is an indicator of a person's authority in society, his good fortune and material well-being. The impact of this planet is maximally effective in stable conditions, without extreme changes. Unlocking its karmic potential, it makes sense to focus on the ideas of abundance, glory, fame and respect in society. A person with strong Jupiter has a breadth of thinking and does not suffer from superstition, and is not led to the opinion of people on the outside. This is always a person who has spiritual interests in addition to material ones.

Harmonious Jupiter gives majesty and respectability even with a small force in the horoscope. It forms a stable internal system of values and priorities, which changes little depending on the external conjuncture. Jupiter is associated with conscience, with its social aspect. Such a person does not change his beliefs, but only expands and supplements them. Strong Jupiter gives the highest authority among people, and without noticeable efforts to do so on the part of the person. Such people are drawn to such people for advice, they inspire trust and respect.

The main symptoms of Jupiter's weakness are lack of joy and enthusiasm, weak-willedness and shaky faith. The person feels constricted and limited, life seems meaningless. Characteristic pessimism, depression, anxiety, melancholy, despondency and self-pity. Such a person lacks compassion for his neighbours, friendliness and confidence in parters. Material and financial difficulties are likely. The level of creative energy is low. Childlessness or distress related to children is possible. A woman may experience suffering or adversity due to the fault of her spouse. On the physical level, signs of Jupiter weakness are lack of vital energy, weak immune system, low body weight, problems with digestion, functional disorders of the liver and pancreas.

Disharmonious Jupiter - inordinate pride, boasting, hypocrisy in politics "double standards". Its notable trait is wastefulness, gambling, inability to proportion what is needed with what one wants. Such people combine several negative features of Jupiter into one. Example: a person spends huge amounts of money on his entertainment or on his prestige, while being greedy for pennies of help for loved ones and loved ones, finding excuses for himself. At the same time he has no ability to distinguish true values from fake ones, buys what everyone else buys as the most prestigious, without going into details, blindly believes in what the majority believes in. Values and opinions of such a person are formed at the expense of people with higher social status.

Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone of Jupiter (Guru)

Natural Yellow Sapphire is the most sought after stone in Hinduism as it is the main conductor of the energy of Jupiter (Guru), the most benevolent of the planets
Jupiter, Yellow Sapphire
The main conductor of Jupiter's energy is the Yellow Sapphire gemstone. It gives energy and vitality, brings a sense of solid ground underfoot, constancy and wisdom, gives the character optimism and purposefulness, compassion and enthusiasm....

As Jupiter is the most favourable of the planets, yellow sapphire is considered the best "general tonic" among gemstones.
Yellow sapphire broadens the outlook of life, gives enthusiasm, courage and generosity to achieve goals. It enhances positive emotions and makes us more joyful and satisfied in life. The stone helps to realise true values, focuses attention on lofty goals, and brings peace and stability to the mind. It also enhances spiritual aspirations and motivation, connecting us to the world of the soul. It is good for all forms of meditation and karma yoga, opens us to the meaning of our dharma, helping us to lead an elevated and ethical life, connecting us to the energy of spiritual teachers.

Yellow Sapphire is worn to create an atmosphere of stability and security, high status in society, wealth and general prosperity of the family. It is believed that this stone brings good luck in everyday life, and helps to cope with the trials of fate. It also brings growth in academic achievement, learning and memorisation, business and trade. This stone brings stability in marriage and happiness from children. Yellow sapphire increases immunity, improves metabolism in the liver and pancreas, brain, normalises fat metabolism, treats the lymphatic system, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and in particular the brain. Usually this stone balances all doshas, it regulates the hormonal system and increases Ojas (vital energy).

Still, the main feature is that wearing this stone brings good luck, status in society and material prosperity, enhancing intuitive understanding of true values. This stone should be worn in a gold setting on the index finger.

The Yellow Sapphire is worn in a gold setting on the index finger of the right hand

You can order a ring with Yellow Sapphire,
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Venus, Vedic name is Shukra
Gemstone - Diamond

Верена (Шукра)
Shukra (Venus) is the great graha that brings out in us all kinds of creativity, artistry, creativity of vision and sense of style, brings out our sexuality, and the ability to fully enjoy the beauty of life and its gifts. Venus helps us to see the beauty around us, and to create it ourselves, and is responsible for the creative and sensitive activities of man. This positive force helps a person to discover the ability to experience the depth of pleasure when in contact with an object of pleasure, to express his or her natural sexuality, not to be shy about revealing his or her own unique sides, and to enjoy the gifts of life by creating beauty around him or her.
In the harmonious position of Venus, a person gains the ability to self-control over consumption, a taste for life and its gifts, spirituality in intentions, tenderness, sensitivity and tactfulness in behaviour. A person stops endlessly chasing after minsky joys, and gets true pleasure from what the universe gives him. Venus is responsible for the ability to derive pleasure and true enjoyment from anything. A weak Venus gives little pleasure, lack of taste and joy in life, in whatever it is expressed - in pleasant food, in interesting communication, in favourite activities, recreation or love affairs. This planet is directly related to money and material possessions as the equivalent of the joy and pleasure that life can give us. It is characterised by an optimistic outlook on life, and an attitude to everything with a smile. Venus is the ability to take an interest in something of one's own choosing, rather than following someone else's ideals. It is the happy ability to love what is useful and not be interested in what is harmful.

Without an emotional Venusian "want", without enthusiastic immersion and taking pleasure in the creative process itself, the effectiveness of any endeavour will be diminished. It is not by chance that a person with a weakened Svadhisthana (second chakra) is believed to be unable to study effectively and engage in creative or innovative labour.

The ability to receive joy from communication, the highest form of which is love, is Venus. And if love does not work out in our lives, it is a direct signal to work with Venus. This also includes love of self. A harmonised Venus is manifested in a good sense of proportion, which automatically gives good taste, elegance, friendliness, the ability to enjoy life and what it gives in any situation. One of the most prominent criteria in Venus elaboration is the attitude towards love. Harmonious Venus easily shares love with a loved one, and repeatedly receives it back along with the attention of others, disharmonious Venus demands love, but gives nothing in return. Such a person is intensely chasing after what he considers love, but in fact, just parasitises on the feelings of another.

Inability to relate with love to oneself, including to one's own body - this is a deficiency or negative qualities of Venus, as well as often enough meet the opposite skew - excessive attention to his body, and to the receipt of all sorts of sensual satisfactions. One of typical indicators of Venus weakness is boredom and inability to interest oneself in something. A person with unprocessed Venus is forced to look for some external entertainments, it is also shown in laziness, hypersensitivity of character, or vice versa (if weak) - in insensitivity, in ruthlessness. Strong but negative Venus often gives sexual perversions, jealousy, love suffering, fascination with collecting things, vulgarity of taste, and an attempt to "buy" a sense of inner satisfaction.

The main symptoms of Venus weakness are lack of beauty, charm and grace, as well as taste and refinement. There may be problems in romantic life, lack of love and tender feelings. A woman may lack femininity or happiness in her personal life. A man either has difficulties in relationships with women or his wife suffers for some reason. People with weak Venus have difficulty expressing their feelings. On the physical level, signs of Venus weakness are kidney and genital dysfunction, infertility or impotence. Such people may have weak bones. Possible decline of strength or weakness of the immune system, tendency to bleeding. Also weakness of Venus is manifested as problems of financial character and lack of comfort in life.

As is clear, Venus in our charts is responsible for the level of beauty in us and our surroundings, for the level of comfort, and even luxury, for the ability to turn our activity into creativity, and to enjoy not only the end result, but also the process itself. But most importantly, Venus is indicative of our love for ourselves and our loved ones, our sexuality, and the attention we attract from others.

Diamond is the gemstone of Venus (Shukra)

Diamond is a conductor of energy of the planet Venus (Shukra), gives its owner the joy of living in luxury, shows natural sexuality and artistry, attracts everyone's attention
Venus, Diamond
Diamond is the hardest, and at the same time, the brightest, sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow, transparent stone - a conductor of Venus' energy!

Ever since it was learnt to be cut, it has been a symbol of youth, beauty and luxury, it has a unique magnetism, attracting the attention of everyone around it. The image of a diamond is like a brand associated with success, luxury and popularity of its owners, it always adorns the most attractive bright and luxurious women
This image after centuries only intensifies without losing its "fashion" and relevance, and so it will always be, because youth, beauty, sexuality, artistry and popularity with the public will always be in trend. All of this is the collective image of Venus' energy, and it is these qualities that are enhanced when "young stars" consciously wear large Diamonds, seeking to increase the flow of creativity, fun, luxury and public attention to their person.

Wearing the stone increases attractiveness to the opposite sex, self-control, eliminates emotional vulnerability, and brings focus and calm. Diamond improves creative, artistic and artistic abilities, enhancing the potential in art, or in the field of relations between the sexes. It gives the wearer a unique charm, endowing the personality with zest, enhancing external beauty and charm, luxury and comfort, strongly increases stamina, resilience and determination in action, bestowing the ability to be influential and successful.

The crystal enhances vision, imagination and discernment. It makes perception more refined, opening us to subtle energies. This very powerful gemstone prevents premature aging. Like all other gemstones, it has an excellent effect on health, increases longevity, strengthens immunity, and protects life during serious illnesses. Diamond have a strong effect on metabolism, kidneys, lymphatic system, sexual organs in women, enhancing sexual energy and Ojas. The stone improves hormonal functions and skin condition, it is the best stone for rejuvenation, which is spiritually uplifting and brings material prosperity.

The diamond is worn in a white gold setting on the ring finger

Stones analogues of Diamond (Diamond): Transparent Sapphire, Transparent Tourmaline
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Saturn, the Vedic name is Shani
Gemstone – Blue Sapphire

Сатурн (Шани)
Saturn is a special planet - the planet of karma deployment, it is the door and the boundary!
Saturn is the last planet visible to the naked eye. It symbolises a kind of boundary, separating the planets of the "material world" from the planets of the "collective unconscious". That is why so many fears are associated with it, as a natural reaction to all that is unknown and alien.

Saturn is the planet of maximum achievement!
Many spiritual traditions celebrate this point of the need to overcome fear, to discover the deepest possibilities of our being. And if we overcome fear in ourselves, if we accept it, then only then the way to the depths of our "I", to our supra-personal powers and possibilities, opens up.
Another aspect of working through Saturn is to accept the situation in which you were born and live. Coming to terms with reality is exactly what people usually don’t like. Therefore, Saturn is perceived as a “pest”, which is why it is possible to achieve at least some lasting changes in one’s own karma, if one accepts oneself as it is, without judgment and grief, accepts it as a fact, which will become the basis for improvement. Saturn sets a goal for a person and makes it possible to achieve it, moving slowly and purposefully. To successfully work on this planet, it is important to master a basic skill. We are talking about the “Kshatriya ethics of disinterested action”; this principle received special development in Karma Yoga. It is about performing an action in the best possible way for the sake of the action itself, and not for the sake of results, then there will be no disappointments, no disappointed expectations and no painful defeats. If we act for the sake of action itself, we eliminate accumulated karma, but do not create new one. He is responsible for a person’s hard work, his ability to perform austerities, endure blows of fate, and endure difficulties. Saturn teaches us renunciation of material happiness, and helps us develop the ability to direct our gaze to the spiritual. It helps a person gain patience, strength in performing ascetic deeds, seriousness, wisdom from life experience, detachment from worldly joys, attentiveness and forethought.

Disharmonious Saturn destroys established connections, gives loneliness and deprivation, poverty and lack of life's goods, and lack of success. By reacting to these trials with suffering, we strengthen the influence of Saturn! Saturn loves those who endure trials, do not complain, and know how to cope with life's difficulties. This can only be achieved by completely (or partially) abandoning selfishness and pride, otherwise the intensity of suffering will become truly unbearable. Any person who has been brought to the extreme of suffering by Saturn at least once in his life knows the sudden feeling of liberation. And everything seems to be the same - the same problems, and the same people, but the attitude towards them is changing, and opportunities seem to open up on their own.

One of the key themes of Saturn is acceptance of Fate. The fate of all living things is connected with aging and death. Refusal to recognize obvious things, that is, flight into conformism and hedonism, is an actual refusal to work on one’s Saturn. Instead, the objective passage of time should not become a scarecrow for us, but a strong motivator for activity, the same factor that allows us to determine what is important and what is secondary in our lives.

Blue Sapphire - is the magical gemstone of Saturn

In Vedic astrology, Blue Sapphire is the material conductor of Shani energy.
This stone can only be worn if Saturn is very well placed in your natal chart.
Сатурн, Синий Сапфир
Blue Sapphire - This bewitching gemstone represents Saturn, and brings the owner of the qualities of this very spiritual planet, Saturn bestows enlightenment, the rejection of the temporary material for the great spiritual. This stone helps to keep emotions under control, frees us from anger and unnecessary desires, gives us the courage to meet danger face to face and overcome obstacles. This stone brings up detachment, pushes us to solitude and hermitage, allows us to get in touch with emptiness, eternity and infinity. Also, thanks to him, the ability to spiritual activity and service increases. He helps us to overcome worldly attachments, and by adopting this philosophy to achieve maximum results.
Blue Sapphire - truth and wisdom, immortality and spiritual values. It promotes the search for truth and making the right, fair decision in a difficult situation, protects from lies, laziness, fear and inactivity, awakens a thirst for knowledge and a desire to find a goal in life, directs a person’s thoughts towards spiritual perfection. It also adds wealth, expands the sphere of influence on other people, especially if you are dealing with the "masses". Due to the true selfless service to people, it increases the social status and prosperity of a person.

Saturn governs most diseases in the body, so by wearing Blue Sapphire one can be assured of a long and healthy life. The stone protects against accidents, accidents and injuries. It improves vision and blood flow to the tissues, helps relieve attacks of rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, epilepsy, hysteria and tumors. Reduces fat, arthritis, strengthens bones, helps calm nerves, mental illness and emotional pain, bestows inner peace, peace and detachment. The stone increases efficiency, activity of the nervous system, calmness, practicality, and endurance. As you remember, Saturn is the planet of revealing karma, therefore Blue Sapphire bestows all these wonderful qualities only if you adhere to true Saturnian values ​​in life, otherwise the result will be the opposite!

This stone must be chosen especially carefully! Saturn, among the planets, is the main malefactor, and only the person who has this planet very well placed in the horoscope can wear it!

Blue Sapphire is worn on the middle finger, with Vata and Kapha constitutions - in white gold, with Pitta constitutions - in silver

You can order a Blue Sapphire ring,
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Rahu - North Shadow Node
Gemstone – Hessonite and Tourmalines

Раху - северный теневой узел
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Hessonite and Tourmalines are the gemstones of Rahu

Mystical Tourmalines of all colors are also Rahu stones. A few centuries ago Tourmaline was considered a crystal of magicians and alchemists, it was given to each other by the rulers of the world.
The stone, as if by magic, can realize any desire, however, you will have to pay for it.
Раху, Гессонит
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Hessonite is worn in a gold or silver setting on the middle finger

Semi-precious substitutes for HESSONITE: Tourmaline, grossular
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Ketu "Tail" - southern shadow knot
Gemstone - Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl (Cat's Eye) - very rare gem quality stone
Кету - южный теневой узел
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Chrysoberyl (Cat's Eye) - Ketu gemstone

Chrysoberyl (Cat's Eye) - a very rare stone of precious quality, helps to work through issues of the past incarnation, enhancing intuition, spiritual self-awareness, and connection with the family
Кету, Хризоберилл
Gemstone Chrysoberyl
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Chrysoberyl is worn in a silver frame on the little finger
Semi-precious substitutes for Chrysoberyl: Cat's eye (low quality used as rosary beads)
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